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Home Delivered Gas

We deliver gas at your home as well as provide materials for gas installation (natural, butane, propane), verify safety and repair.

Store open for the sale of stoves, heaters and information about supply contracts


Cool Boxes Coleman


Cool boxes

At a barbecue party organised in your garden, in the working place, on the beach, camping park or while fishing, you just cannot live without them.

If you need a freezer or a personal coolbox on wheels, you can count on Coleman® to keep your food and beverage fresh.
No smoke, no hard work.



Built to last for a generation...or two.

Coleman® 100, 200 and 500 screw-on gas cartridge have a mixture of 70/30 butane/propane gas in screw-on gas cartridge self-sealed with a safety valve.

Compatible with all the hermetic devices from Coleman®.


Electric Lamps

With over 50 million manufactured lamps since 1901, you will be pleased to know that it has been manufactured by us.

You can trust Coleman® lamps and outdoor burners to light up your place during the night.